Capsule Hotel Policies and Rules.

  1. Our Hotel is open 24/7.
  2. You can check-in any time AFTER 1.00 pm.
  3. Check out time BY 12.00 hours (noon).
  4. A valid PHOTO-ID (e.g. Driver’s license, Passport) will be required during check-in. You will be asked to fill in the form and make a full payment at the time of check-in.
  5. We reserve the right to terminate any booking or refuse the stay in our hotel if no valid PHOTO-ID is provided.
  6. Guests in a strong alcohol intoxication may be denied in accommodation.
  7. One capsule for one person only.
  8. Cash or bank card payments are accepted. All payments must be paid in full advance at the time of check-in.
  9. We do not refund any payments made at the time of check-in. We do not refund the payment for the rest of the stay if you shorten your booking during your stay.
  10. If you would like to extend your stay we reserve the right to refuse if no rooms are available.
  11. Any damage made by guest will be charged according to hotel's price-list.
  12. We charge 200 soms for the damage or loss of the key, 200 soms for the broken dishes, 500 soms for the damage of bedclothes, 500 soms and 700 soms for the damage or loss of a small and a big towel respectively.
  13. Smoking or alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in our hotel.
  14. Eating or drinking inside the capsules are strictly prohibited. You can store food and drinks in the kitchen area only.
  15. Washing clothes, feet or shoes in sinks is strictly prohibited.
  16. We asks our guests to behave appropriately and with discretion at all times, respectful of the hotel environment and staff, as well as of other guests. Quiet hours: 10 pm – 9 am.
  17. Please do not talk by phone in capsules at night time.
  18. Our guests are obliged to leave the keys at the reception every time they leave the hotel.
  19. Please note that it is forbidden to wear the only underwear in the territory of the hotel.
  20. Please use the capsule's sockets for mobile devices chargers only.
  21. Please use earplugs or earphones each time you watch TV inside the capsule.
  22. Please do not leave dirty dishes in the kitchen.
  23. Please close the curtain while taking a shower.
  24. If you would like to use our washing machine please ask the receptionist for help. Please do not switch on the washing machine yourself.
  25. Only Hotel's customers are allowed to get inside the capsules.
  26. We do not take any responsibility for failure of electric power, water, gas or other utility services, or any collapse of building structures, etc.
  27. For the violation of the rules of conduct of the hotel, as well as disrespectful attitude to the hotel staff, the administration has the right to evict the violators at any time without refunding of payment for accommodation for the current day.

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